Lucas in an Iternational loopmaster, as seen in:

L.A., Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Chicago, New York, Long Island, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Tenerife, Gran Canarian, Corfu and Crete.

And now also at Kelly's Antwerp!

Lucas is an award winning artist
"The next Ed Sheeran" - Canarian Weekly



DJ Abena is an international dj based in Belgium with bookings in European countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Ghana.


Since 2016, Dj Abena has been playing on festivals, clubs, weddings, public, private events and radio stations.


With all this experiences, she is booked for Tomorrowland festival 2024.

🎶 Afro, Dancehall & Urban.

What is exceptional about DJ Abena is that she adapts to the type of event and audience. She senses the audience because music is an universal language



In 2019, DJ Abena belonged to the official list of the top 100 DJs in Belgium by Redbull Elektropedia.
In 2022, DJ Abena won the best international DJ by Ghana DJ Awards.
In 2023 she received an award for the recognition of her DJ career and philanthropy in Africa.