As most of you know, every Friday and Saturday Kelly’s Irish Pub is the place to be for those who are a fan of live music. One of the artists is Steve Keane, who’s been with us since day one. “The first time I performed at Kelly’s was 17 years ago, the day they opened their doors”, Steve Keane says. “I still love performing there as it’s very international! Kelly’s is probably the biggest Irish bar with Live Music every week!”

Steve was born into a musical family in a small town on the west coast of Ireland, called Killaloe. “I started playing music live on stage every weekend from the age of 9 with my mother’s band”, Steve explains. Over the years, his passion became his profession and today, Steve travels around Europe to set the stage on fire.
“I’ve played in almost every Irish Bar in Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Spain, but of recent years I’ve been playing for the Hard Rock Cafe around Europe being based in Tenerife’s HRC. When it comes to Irish Pubs, Kelly’s is different from most other bars around Europe due to its size, image, and fab owners!”

Are you a fan of Steve Keane? Good news! He’ll be performing for a little longer. “My future plans are to continue doing exactly what I’m doing”, he adds.


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